Accessories “Essential” pack


Protective films for Nintendo New 3DS screens

  • Thick and sturdy film for protecting backlit screen
  • Thin, flexible film for protecting tactile screen
  • Antistatic cleaning cloth
  • Bonus : lens protector

Protection case for Nintendo New 3DS

  • Carries and protects Nintendo 3DS console, games and accessories
  • Hard EVA material provides optimum security

Storage cases

  • Compatch and protective storage
  • secure locking mechanism
  • mixed colours

Retractable stylus

  • Non scratch tip


  • Universal 3.5 mm jack
  • Cable length : 100 cm

Wrist strap and neck strap for the console and protection case

Dettagli Accessories “Essential” pack

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  • Bigben Interactive
  • Azzurro, Grigio, Lilla, Nero, Rosso